project review

A typical African experience in week 1

Review submitted by Ally Wadia
Review date 14 Jan 2011


It has been a typical African experience for our first week out in Tanzania! Everything hasn't gone quite to plan but we have overcome all the problems and had a lot of fun at the same time! We finally reached Sayari camp after an 8 hour bus journey (which was an experience in itself!) from Dar es Salaam to Ifikara, an impromptu stay in a youth hostel in Ifikara, and another hour and a half journey in the back of our open topped truck (very bumpy but beautiful views!).

The first couple of days were spent settling in to camp and getting used to the extreme heat and interesting toilet facilities! We were taken on a bush walk by one of the game guards, Mr Peter, to see the surrounding woodland area around camp and our Principle Investigator, Andy; gave us a couple of presentations and lectures about the Kilombero Valley and the animals and people living in the area. We started work with 2 Large Mammal Transects and Vegetation surveys. It was amazing to see all the different animal tracks in the woodland, and learn what each of them were from the game guards. The 3 RA’s who have decided to do the Btech started to use the results of the LMT’s to begin writing their Btech logbooks, quickly realizing that it would probably take a lot longer than originally thought!

We are now ready to move to our new camp location in the village of Igota, and there are many discussions and arguments over what to call the new camp! We are very excited about the move and looking forward to properly settling in to our new camp!

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