project review

Ice Rink and Snowmobiles

Review submitted by Rachael Smith
Review date 10 Jan 2017


Arrived into Mexico City on Monday night, 2 hours late due to ice in England. Met luke our tour leader who took us to our hostel for the next 2 nights via the Metro. Bit of a trek but we're located right in the city centre litraly a few seconds away from the famous Zocolo Square. Which at the moment has an ice rink and snowmobiles on it, which seems a little random!

The hostel is nice and we are getting along well. Currently sharing a room with a street preformer whos been living in the hostel for 3 years now! but they won't give him any discount on his stay!

Once we checked in we pretty much just ditched our bags and headed out for a quick wander round and grabbed a beer. The city is really pretty at night as they still had all the Christmas lights up, and you feel pretty safe even on the metro!

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