project review

A bumpy ride in.....

Review submitted by Phil Barry
Review date 18 Jan 2011


After a very bumpy, butterfly filled, tractor journey through the forest we finally arrived at our new home for the next 10 weeks. Pristine forest shades us from the hot sun and the gentle warm breeze carries us to the camp site.
Camp construction commences immediately, clearing, cutting, hacking and designing! The suns sets, the forest once again comes alive with the soothing sounds that make lying in your hammock staring into the canopy a pleasure.

As the science begins so does the anticipation for what will be found in this otherwise unknown region. The distant sound of monkeys excites the group, many IUCN endangered species are thought to be hidden away in this remote area. With all of the necessary mammal traps and surveying techniques put in place all we have to do is wait. And the waiting didn’t take long. Claw marks on a tree clearly signify a Bear has been active in the area! “..If you go down to the woods today you are sure of a big surprise…”

As the mind is frantically imagining what else is out there the stomach is also grumbling after the trekking and exploring, its time to head back to camp to get some sustenance. Meal time always brings a slight sense of intrigue as well as the healthy rice and vegetables is frequently individualized by someone’s own uniqueness, I wonder what tonight has in store?

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