project review

Amazing time in Australia

Review submitted by Alice
Review date 11 Jul 2018


I loved my time in Australia. I was able to get involved in river and forest clean ups, and one of the main projects I worked on was the Salvinia weed project. These weeds lie across the top of the river, blocking off light and oxygen which kills off all life in the water. We were removing the bulk of weeds from the Wollombi Brook to prevent it from spreading to the Hunter River where it could quickly get out of control and would be near impossible to eradicate - a true environmental disaster. It sounds like a gross job but it's actually quite fun seeing everyone in these big rubber pants and waders trying not to lose their balance and fall in! It's even funnier when somebody's boots get stuck in the mud and we have to pull them out! All in all I had an amazing time and was glad to be involved in something worthwile.

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