project review

Time flies in Cambodia

Review submitted by Cambodia Forest Volunteers
Review date 31 Jan 2011


It's amazing to think we are now nearly half way through the phase, where has the time gone?  The science is going really well, we’ve discovered bear and dhole tracks and seen monkeys several times now.  This week we caught our first tree shrew in a Sherman trap and the frog surveys keep showing us new species.  The pitfall traps are working well too, we’ve caught plenty of skinks and even a tarantula.  We are planning a satellite camp in the next couple of weeks to allow us to explore further into the forest which both RAs and staff are excited about.  

We are all settled into camp life well and have been spending some of our free time learning the Khmer language from our rangers, in exchange for teaching them new cards games like “go fish” which Piset is fast becoming the master of!  Camp cuisine has been getting experimental with some interesting results, so far forest “fish and chips” has become a clear favourite!  Dan and Phil are about to start data collection for their BTECs which promise to be two interesting projects.