project review

The Joys of Teaching

Review submitted by Nick Price
Review date 29 Apr 2018


Arriving here in Africa for the first time has been an absolute joy.  On this most beautiful island I feel that I have engaged with the slow and traditional pace of life of the people and with the lively and enthusiastic children at Chole and Utende Primary Schools.  Teaching itself has been challenging due to my previous lack of teaching skills but I have always been keen to take on a new challenge.  The children at Utende were more boisterous and more easily distracted than those of Chole who were much better behaved.  The children at Chole showed more of a willingness to learn and as a result showed greater potential for the English language. Whilst it has occasionally been a challenge in the classroom credit has to be given to my teaching colleague Emily Loomes who has brought her valuable teaching attributes to the classroom and together we have created a positive and vibrant atmosphere.  One of the improvements that I felt I could have made whilst teaching was more advanced planning of the lessons, however the difficulty of doing this is the great variation of ability within the classroom.  The experience has been very fulfilling and satisfying and I shall miss this island but am anticipating Tanzania Savannah camp in Morogoro.

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