project review

A Typical week on Frontier's Costa Rica Camp.

Review submitted by Charlotte Dalys
Review date 18 Jul 2017


My time so far in Costa Rica has been something out of a fairy tail adventure. Take for example a typical week at Frontier Costa Rica camp…. Falling asleep listening to waves crash below, waking to the roars of distant howler monkeys, trekking through the jungle and discovering groups of spider monkeys, capuchins or a pack of peccaries… Chasing hopping frogs in the swamp at night and avoiding the odd bright red eyes of the caiman across the lagoon.

My favourite thing is walking along the beach under the enchanting twinkling sky in search of nesting turtles and hatchlings… it’s like a dream when you stumble across them. Last week began with the arrival of around 50 olive ridley hatchlings on the near by beach, we helped the newly hatched turtles escape the preying birds and embark on their journey to a new life at sea, only to return to that exact beach in many years time to lay their own eggs.

The following day we rode on horses through the forest and along the beach, where humpback breached in the distance! Friday we kayaked in the Gulf of Dulce whilst circled by curious bottlenose dolphins… and topped the week off with a birthday celebration in the ‘local’ village… truly a dream week. But it’s all just ‘the norm’ in a week at the Frontier camp Costa Rica.

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