project review

A busy yet very satisfying 4 weeks on Tanzania Savannah

Review submitted by Ally Wadia (Ally-baba), Michael Chadwick (Chudders), Nikki Scott (Nico) and James Reid (Patchy)
Review date 4 Feb 2011


We have moved and settled into our new camp! It is still partly under construction and a couple of RAs are enjoying lending a hand with the building work. We have just begun to add certain luxuries to camp such as a swing, a hammock, a sofa and a shower! The fence is not yet fully chicken proof, but we are working on it. While camp was being built we were lucky enough to take a trip to the National Park and spend a day climbing and swimming in the waterfalls. The views are beautiful and all agree it was worth the long journey.

We have continued with the science work and have started a new set of Large Mammal Transects nearer to where we are based. We all began trial runs of small mammal trapping and butterfly netting which produced some great photos. The butterflies we caught, after some interesting netting techniques from certain RAs, were beautiful and everyone is keen to get going again soon.

Science work turned to village relation work when 3 RAs decided to help out in the local school teaching biology, chemistry and geography. It was a fantastic experience and we think the students greatly enjoyed themselves. Dr Boss (PI) and Big Momma (RO) are beginning to set up workshops in several villages around the area on land management, sustainable resource use and problem animals in an effort to make the lives of the villagers safer and easier and to save the Kilombero Valley habitat. Overall it has been a satisfying and varied experience for the past 4 weeks and at almost half way through our trip we are looking forward to receiving two new RAs to Camp in the next few days.

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