project review

Honduras and Nicaragua so far

Review submitted by Hayley Bishop
Review date 11 Jul 2018


Our main destination in Honduras was an island called Utila in the Bay Islands. Utila was a really fun place, we celebrated Australia Day, with our Aussie friends, which involved a flip-flop throwing competition and eating massive Aussie burgers. Lottie completed her Open Water PADI course while we were there and Cat and I did some fun dives.  There was much to be seen underwater such as rays, turtles, lionfish, angelfish and moray eels.
After leaving Utila we headed into Nicaragua.  Our first stop was Leon.  We stayed in a nice hostel which had a very inviting pool. Whilst at Leon we did a day trip to Cerro Negro to go ash boarding!  This involved a 45 minute trek up a volcano (whilst carrying a sledge) at the top we then had the scary prospect of ash boarding down it!  Everyone was pretty nervous but we all did it and it was a lot of fun.

We are now in the pretty colonial town of Granada.  Today we spent the day at Laguna de Apoya where we chilled out in the sun and swam in the warm lake.  Next stop San Juan del Sur to do a bit of surfing....

Leon Cathedral