project review

Collecting research in Madagascar

Review submitted by Sally Royle and Abby Wilson-Neal
Review date 9 Feb 2011


The first five weeks we have been getting used to the local fauna which is fascinating. We have learnt lots of great new skills such as mist netting for birds, how to ID chameleons and snakes and how to pin them and much, much more. We’ve been working hard setting up transects to look for snakes, chameleons and lemurs and learning bird calls, but we had lots of fun at the same time.

The rainy season has begun but it hasn’t dampened our spirits. Last week was camp swap. We got an opportunity to visit the marine camp which was really good fun, we did some snorkelling and visited some really beautiful islands. The locals threw us a party as well, which was a great opportunity to let our hair down. Then we brought marine camp volunteers to forest camp and we showed them what we get up to here. We went on some walks with amazing views, went swimming in a waterfall, and to top it all off we had a big party on the last night (complete with fancy dress and a hula hoop competition).

This week also gave us an opportunity to visit Ankarana Special Reserve, an amazing landscape of limestone formations which is breathtaking. The wildlife is AMAZING there as well and I can’t wait to see what the following weeks have installed for us. 

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