project review

Part of the Family

Review submitted by Camilla
Review date 4 Jul 2018


Everything is going really well in Fiji!! The family i live with literallly are my family now! I feel like i cant leave them yet, so i'm staying for longer! I'm meant to be leaving Fiji 15th march, but im extending to 23rd April, im going to go live in the village for a month or so, with relatives of the family. it's brilliant! 

This weekend is a long weekend, so i'll go down to one village near sigatoka, stay with the family by an amazing beach in the middle of nowhere, going swimming in the lakes in the mountains. And it's much better staying in the village because you dont have to pay to stay in a resort, you get the same increadible beaches,waterfalls etc.  but you also experience fijian culture much more so! Some one even asked me the other day if i was born in Fiji because i've learnt so much fijian! i can have proper conversations now, and undersatand a lot of what people are saying. It's so good!!!

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