project review

Exploring for satellite camp

Review submitted by Team TZM
Review date 16 Feb 2011


This weekend TZM went to try and locate a potential site for a satellite camp on Juani Island.  The intended site for the sat camp is known locally as ‘The Black River’ and is a channel that runs through the end of Juani Island.  The Black River is one of Mafia Island Marine Parks ‘core’ or no take zones and lies at the northern end of Juani.  

TZM set off for Juani on Saturday morning in the dhow.  On reaching the island we had a 45 min wade, with bags on head, through the seagrass beds and intertidal area.  We then had a look round the Kua ruins, which are all that remain from when the capital of Mafia was based on the island in the 14th century.  We then set off for a 45 min walk along the coast and through the mangroves to the southern and uninhabited end of Juani Island.  Once we reached the end of the channel it was into the water once again for some more wading, with mangroves either side of us and startled birds flying across the water we felt like real explorers.  We located a small but lovely clearing in the wood and scrub behind the mangroves from which to base a sat camp.  After the long hot walk a swim in the clear cool waters was appreciated by all!!

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