project review

Conservation work in Naviavia, Fiji

Review submitted by Joe
Review date 24 Feb 2011


Just got back from the island and oh my god what a time I had there.

On the way out we got put on a catamaran for a three hour trip over the rolling south seas, the sun was shining and the spirits were high - despite being absolutely shattered after getting up at 4am and loading the boat it was totally worth it.

The camp on Naviavia is all you would expect from a far flung camp in the middle of nowhere. We've had no running water and had wash in the waterfalls at the back of camp but that's just part of roughing it I guess.

Being stuck on what was basically a private beach in Fiji really was an experience I'll never forget, not only that but have done some of the best diving ever.

The project work is awesome too, I really got an idea of how conservation works at the grass roots level, we were surveying the reefs and also got to see everything from sharks, to octopus that change colour, and even some turtles.

I miss it already, maybe some day I'll get the chance to go back...