project review

Discovering Tanzania

Review submitted by Nick Price
Review date 17 Jun 2018


My time on the project was a wonderful time where I learnt much about the basic living on camp in the tropics. Team-play is essential for the camp system to work with everyone "pulling their weight" and doing their part. Living on the marine camp was very authentic and felt like a tropical island should feel like. Life on the savannah camp was very different and much tougher because of the work that was involved.

One of the reasons for picking this particular project was that you do control how you want to plan your time and how much time you wish to spend on the two camps and finally on the island of Zanzibar once all work is finished. There is a great deal of flexibility within this project. You are moving around quite a lot so you are seeing different parts of this huge country. Therefore from a cultural point of view, it is a bonus. I spent a lot of time deciding exactly which project I was going to do and in which country and I knew when I was in the "thick" of the expedition I had made the right choice.