project review

AMAZING animals in Cambodia

Review submitted by All Cambodia Forest Volunteers
Review date 9 Mar 2011


At the end of week seven we trekked to our satellite camp location aka "Man Camp" to further the area we could study.  Whilst there we discovered an awesome waterfall and jumped quite literally at the oppurtunity to have a swim and a wash.  Close by we also discovered many animal tracks including banteng, gaur and Sunbear, not to mention waking up the sound of several groups of gibbons establishing their territory!  We shared our camp with some locals including a man called Pok Pai (sounding alot like Porkpie) and his crew of resin collectors.  Seeing how they live in the forest without any comforts what so ever was fasinating and a real one off experience.  They also offered us some local moonshine from a coconut which was interesting to say the least...

The final results from our camera traps were collected today; we were overjoyed to discover we had photos of a pair of Asiatic golden cats and a sunbear amongst many other species.  None of us can believe how close to such AMAZING animals we are living, the most interesting neighbours no doubt any of us shall have!  As the project draws to a close we all agree that we're very sad to be leaving our forest home and local rangers behind, however we are now looking forward to sampling the delights Cambodia has to offer!



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