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Fiji Marine Conservation & Diving

Fiji's irresistible shores are fringed with picture-perfect palm trees, and the azure waters that surround the islands are inhabited by an astonishing array of marine creatures; over 1,200 species of fish including clownfish, triggerfish, blue tangs, 12 species of whales including humpbacks, and dolphins including pods of spinner dolphins, anemones, soft coral and much more.

Enjoy fragrant sun drenched days and balmy exotic nights – try a Fijian beach party for whirling fire dancers, traditional dancing and delectable food cooked in a traditional underground oven. Fiji will enchant you with its infectious, chilled out "Fiji time" lifestyle and its heavenly beaches – the perfect paradise location for your Frontier adventure!

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Amazings things I have learnt on Fiji Marine Camp...

"4 weeks into the best decision I have ever taken, I find myself writing this diary entry, so the question I ask myself what have I learnt?

Firstly, mother nature will leave you speechless on a daily basis on camp, whether it be the sight of a 4 meter Manta Ray gliding into a blue abyss, to the amount of rain that can fall on a given day.

Secondly, the people are truly from another world when comparing them to a typical Londoner like myself, for I have never seen such kindness and hospitality than offered by our adoptive families.

Thirdly, learn to cook and ensure you are able to work in a team.

Finally Island life is no holiday, there is serious scientific work being carried out here on the Island and to fully participate requires 100% effort which on my part takes the form of the Herculean task of learning over 200 species of fish."

Lawrence Hafez - 3rd November 2010

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Tanzania Marine Conservation & Diving

Tanzania's coast is home to some of the most spectacular diving in the world. The crystal clear waters host a wealth of marine habitats and wildlife, making this a perfect location to learn to scuba dive and explore this pristine and magical underwater world. The vivid, multi-hued coral reefs support a dazzling array of tropical reef fish and provide rich feeding grounds for turtles, rays and other marine creatures, whilst the deep blue offshore waters support sharks, dolphins and whale sharks, as well as vast shoals of cruising pelagics.

The work you carry out will be rewarding, challenging, and hugely beneficial to conservation efforts, as well as being amazing fun! At the end of the day you will gain immense satisfaction from knowing that you have helped to save this precious marine wilderness, protecting it for future generations.

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Mafia Island Diving 2010

"In January 2010 a band of enthusiastic volunteers set off for 4-10weeks on the Frontier Tanzania Marine Project, Mafia Island, Tanzania. Based within Mafia Island Marine Park (MIMP) a protected conservation area of this small archipelago in the Inidan Ocean, we learnt over 180 varieties of fish, invertebrates, coral and other ocean organisms, conservation techniques and carried out scientific studies within MIMP. We experienced primative living..no running water, no electricity, basic food & provisions, proper African lifestyle...but it was brilliant!...made extra special by the friends we all made and the world class diving!"

Russell Knight 20th October 2010

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Top 5 Thailand

Thailand Experience

Thailand has continued to be one of the most tempting destinations for those who are seeking a combination of enchanting natural surroundings, alluring culture, and incredible biodiversity. Breathtaking silvery beaches lapped by warm, crystal clear waters are complemented by friendly locals, mouth-watering local delicacies, and an ancient and fascinating historical heritage rooted in Buddhist origins.

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Teaching, construction, kickboxing and dancing! What more?!

"I arrived in Bangkok on the 24th of September. Initially I was really worried about everything. Would I fit in? Would I do a good job and would I get homesick at all? After being picked up at the airport I was placed on a bus to Singburi. After arriving I was put on a truck to my eco house. Upon arrival I was made dinner and all the other volunteers greeted me and I felt so welcomed. I was then taken to our local makeshift bar and I met some more people from various different countries including Belgium, America and Germany as well as British people.

Originally signed up for the 2 week teaching programme at the orphanage but I was offered to do construction work, so I got stuck in and built and painted walls, something which I never thought I could do. After a morning of construction I was taken to lunch at a really nice outside cafe where we had a huge variety of different Thai food. After this well earned lunch, we walked back to the orphanage, soaking up the culture and either got stuck back into construction or taught in the afternoon.

Teaching was a really good experience for me especially because I have never taught a class on my own before. The orphanage was slightly harder to teach mainly due to the language barrier and the lack of textbooks. So if you are planning on going out, buy some English textbooks which you can follow and can then pass to a fellow volunteer on your departure. However at the small school, all the necessary equipment was provided and the children's English was amazing. After a long and challenging day either teaching or constructing, or sometimes both, we were taken back to the house and had a nice cool shower and then had dinner.

Dinner time was awesome in regards to meeting new people and the food. If you were sitting on your own someone would come over and sit by you to make sure that you were ok. It was a great way to make new friends. When night time came, we either had something planned or we went to the local bar for a few drinks. On one of the nights we went to watch Thai kickboxing which was a huge highlight for my trip. We got to watch a volunteer who signed up for the kickboxing experience fight a Thai kickboxer and he won.

The only depressing thing about the experience was leaving. We were waved off at the bus station and it was at this time where it had hit me what I had done and how useful the two weeks was for both the orphanage and for myself . The coordinators were very relaxed on what you could do over the weekends as these were your times to do whatever. So a big group of us went to experience Bangkok and the culture and experience the legendary Ko Sam Road (backpackers street). Here you met more people and had a few drinks and danced! If you are thinking about doing a few weeks or months on this project I would strongly advise you too go. You get a completely different experience of Thailand. You are away from the tourist hot spots but as I said you could travel over the weekends. I was very worried before I went out due to the news etc. But seriously as long as you're vigilant and love adapting to new cultures then go! Definitely a 10/10 experience!"

Top 5 Cambodia

Cambodia Teaching

Visit the alluring and exotic country of Cambodia and discover its incredible combination of dramatic landscapes, captivating cultural and historical heritage, and friendly people. Make a positive and rewarding contribution to the lives of underprivileged and orphaned children, by equipping them with the tools to lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty, and opening up opportunities that we in the Western world take for granted.

The project site is situated in Siem Reap, a captivating location that is known as the 'gateway' to the millennium-old ruins of the Khmer empire. This encompasses the awe inspiring temple complex of Angkor Wat, an ancient and world famous monument that is yet untarnished by development. Visitors from the world over have fallen in love with Cambodia, with its fascinating and intoxicating eastern culture, and complex and mystical ambience.

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Wonderful Memories

"I am near the end of my trip now and I really don't want to go home! The whole experience has been awesome and has taught me a lot of things. When I first arrived at the school I was a little nervous as I was the only female and the teachers were monks. However the Head Monk is a lovely man who always makes sure everything is going ok and the rest of the monks always have a laugh and joke with you, which made me feel much more relaxed.

Teaching my first class was so scary, but the children really enjoy having volunteers teaching them as it's someone new for them to interact with and ask questions. I had three different classes which were all different ages and different levels of English. The younger class were always wanting to sing and play new games, which was a lot of fun, whilst with the older children in the other classes we were able to have long conversations which improved their grammar. At times lessons were hard because it is difficult for some children to take in and understand the English language, but gradually you see them improve and it is so rewarding.

I have learned a lot about the children here and how much they appreciate being taught, as well as the religious side from the monks. During my spare time I met other volunteers and we went on trips, which were really fun. I only have a week left with my classes and I am very sad to be leaving, but I will have wonderful memories forever!"

Jessica Cornwell 6th August 2010

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Top 5 Central America

Central America Trail

Combine exciting adventure travel with a project placement and experience the best of Central America on an unforgettable adventure trip with Frontier through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Explore the legendary Mayan ruins set in dense rainforests and swim in azure waters off white sand beaches. Climb to the rim of active volcanoes, ride horseback down ancient mountain trails, snorkel and dive some of the world's best dive sites, zip-line through the canopies of lush jungles, and dance the night away in the best salsa clubs.

On an incredible journey of discovery through the countries of Latin America you will also have the chance to contribute to both the local community and environmental conservation, spending time helping at a wonderful school in Honduras as well as working on the Frontier Big Cats, Turtles and Primate Conservation project. Travelling to our remote coastal forest camp in Costa Rica, you'll participate (in season) in hands-on turtle conservation, collecting eggs and patrolling beaches. Out of season, you'll survey monkeys and other exotic jungle animals, trekking into the rainforest and tracking along the beach.

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Chilli, Street Vendors & Bob

"Meeting my tour leader at our hostel immediately put me at ease. I knew from that moment I was in good hands. That evening, when the other volunteers arrived, we headed out to get some real Mexican food, which proved to be interesting! The following day was filled with some good street navigation and loud entertaining street sellers. Mexicans, when it comes to selling, do it with gusto! In the short time we had, we managed to see the great National Palace filled with murals from Diego Rivera and old Mexican history. My tour leader and I have already written up a shopping list of artifacts that need to be sent our way, I think we could decorate our houses pretty well. The Anthropology Museum was amazing, with all it’s cultural history. It’s also where we sampled chili in a lollipop for the first time. I love the Mexicans. If they do something they do it properly. Chilli for example is in everything, including chilli sprinkles attached to our fruit salad!

I fell in love with our next destination, a colonial town in the south, and Bob, the horse that took me up the mountain to a local village nestled in the hillside. I had to reward him with an apple for his hard work. Our 24 hour bus ride was worth it, we got to travel from there to some beautiful waterfalls, where the volunteers sampled the water temperature by diving in! It also lead us to amazing Mayan ruins hidden amongst the thick tropical forest."

Patunia Makobolola 11th October 2010