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Dissertations with Frontier USA Dissertations

Writing your Dissertation or Thesis with Frontier

Many students choose a study vacation with Frontier to give them the research experience necessary to write their dissertation or thesis. Frontier’s sister company, SEE (the Society for Environmental Exploration) is a respected research body with regularly published articles and science journals. The experience of working in a field research situation with like-minded students and professionals is a great way to undertake academic research as well as to get a taste of life working in conservation, zoology and many other disciplines.

What to study for your dissertation or thesis

Although it is possible to study anything from journalism and marketing to sports coaching and ski instructing with Frontier, most of our research volunteers are intending to pursue a career in science. Within this field, frontier offers two main areas of study – wildlife conservation and marine conservation.

Where to study

With over 300 projects in 5 continents, Frontier can offer a range of locations for field research, giving you a great variety of options for your area of study.

Marine biologists or conservationists may choose to live and study at our field camp on Mafia Island in Tanzania, a protected marine park set up by Frontier in the 1990s in partnership with the WWF. Another great option for marine study is our camp in Madagascar, where many students are drawn by the great range of marine life as well as the unique terrestrial wildlife on this beautiful island.

With the largest concentration of biodiversity in the world, Costa Rica is a great choice for terrestrial biology and conservation study, with many volunteers taking part in the Costa Rica Big Cats, Primates and Turtles project while conducting research for their dissertation or thesis.

Completing your dissertation or thesis with Frontier

Choosing to study with Frontier means that you can call upon a wealth of experience gained over 25 years of conservation volunteering and field research. We can offer advice on where and what to study as well as contacts to get your work published and to continue your career.

To find out more about field research placements with Frontier, click on ‘Apply Now’ and fill out the online application form. One of our advisers will then call you to discuss your options. You may also want to talk to our research department about the best way to further your scientific career.

Essential Documents for Dissertation Placements