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India Yoga Retreat

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India Yoga Retreat

Get away from the hustle and bustle and take some time for yourself to visit the birthplace of yoga and Ayurveda and explore the healing powers of these ancient traditional practices.

Prices from $1,295

India is the land of contrasts and provides a sensory overload for all those lucky enough to make the journey. The size of the country is overwhelming, the social demographics complex, the history engaging and the biodiversity unrivalled. Many a traveller has made the often life-changing odyssey to India and returned with their priorities realigned and horizons broadened.

For many, today's world can be fast paced and manic and many people have turned to traditional practices in an attempt to maintain a healthy balanced state of body and mind. More and more people are educating themselves about practices such as yoga and Ayurveda and incorporating those principles into their daily lives.

This week will teach you the basics of yoga and meditation and their positive effects on the human body. You will learn how you can make lifestyle and dietary changes to benefit your wellbeing and improve your energy levels. Of course, the techniques and practices you will learn are not a magic formula and the benefits can only be reaped through commitment, conscientious practice and lifestyle change.



  • Experience the sensory overload that is India
  • Improve your understanding of an ancient facet of Indian culture
  • Take time away from your busy life and focus on your wellbeing


Location India
Activities Yoga tuition
Ayurveda treatments
Meditation sessions
Transport Airport pickup
Local bus to get to the project
Accommodation Shared volunteer house & dorm


Before you go Pre-departure support
Travel advice & documentation
Equipment advice
Discounted medical kit
Free Frontier t-shirt
In-country Food
Airport pick-up 
Ground transfers & in-transit accommodation
Local orientation and training 
In-country emergency support
24-hour international HQ back-up


A variety of qualifications are available on many of our projects. For example, BTEC certificates and diplomas on our Group conservation projects and TEFL certificates and BTECs on most of our teaching projects. You may also be able to gain a CoPE to support your university application. For more information on these qualifications, please see the qualifications section of our website or ask your volunteer advisor.


In treatment, both yoga and ayurveda advocate for the regular practice of meditation as well as the use of herbs, body purification procedures, food and chanting of mantras for physical and mental health. Both practices are closely related and intertwined and recognize that keeping the body healthy is vital for fulfilling the four aims of life: dharma (duty), artha (wealth), kama (desire), and moksha (liberation).

The practice of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda has been used since ancient times to help reduce stress, relieve physical ailments, boost your physical strength, stamina and flexibility, improve self-control, and improve concentration skills. They also believed to enhance mental clarity, and boost the functioning of the immune system while improving overall blood circulation, resulting in healthy glowing skin and in making you feel younger. Meditation itself helps to infuse a sense of balance and peace of mind, and a more positive and peaceful outlook on life.

The word Ayurveda is derived from the two Sanskrit words Ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge) meaning the Knowledge of Life! Ayurveda is a 7000 year old ancient Indian medical science, which teaches how to live a life without physiological and psychological ailments by making simple changes in your lifestyle and diet.

Yoga, which is the union of mind and body, is more than just physical exercises.  Learn about the different paths of yoga, the do’s and don’ts, the postures, breathing techniques and mediation to free you from stress, anxiety and physical ailments.

Meditation is the art of focusing your mind, restraining your thoughts and looking deep inside yourself. Meditating can give you a better understanding of your purpose in life and of the divine, as well as providing you with certain physical and mental health benefits.


Introduction Week:

Your first week is designed to give you an opportunity to explore the history and culture of Goa through a dedicated introduction and orientation week. You will have the opportunity to visit some local sites, receive some basic language tuition, and gain a further understanding of practices that are central to Indian philosophy and way of life. You will also be given more information on the yoga and meditation week and have the opportunity to meet and befriend other participants.

Yoga and Ayurveda Weeks:

Your daily schedule will start early when the sun rises with a guided meditation session, followed by a yoga lesson. Mornings are often free for you to practice self-guided yoga and meditation or to explore the local region. Afternoons will consist of improving your physical and mental knowledge of Ayurveda as well as receiving an Ayurveda detox treatment. In the evenings, you will take part in guided meditation sessions, improving breathing techniques and concentrating on mindfulness.

Massage is a very important to Ayurvedic medicinal treatment, especially with the use of herbal oils and body scrubs which will help to improve overall blood circulation, remove toxins and improve the health of your skin. Other treatments include dhara, which is when warm oil flows slowly from a vessel over your forehead, soothing you inwardly, clearing sinuses and mental obstructions and assisting with relaxation.

You will have the opportunity to take long walks in the gardens and enjoy the surrounding nature in your free time, or simply kicking back and relaxing. Meals throughout the week are typically vegetarian and consist of lots of fresh fruit to complement the course.  In addition to this participants are advised to refrain from smoking or consuming alcohol and soft drinks.


You will need to arrive at Goa Airport on the Sunday, where you will be met by a member of local staff. They will then take you to your accommodation where you will be based for the duration of your stay.


You will find all of your accommodation to be simple, clean and comfortable. The rooms will be single sex and shared, and participants are asked to be environmentally responsible and use precious resources with restraint, and to help by keeping the living areas clean and tidy. The doors and windows are not mosquito-proofed, so don't forget your mosquito net!


All three meals during the day will generally be taken together and will be typical of the region. Breakfast will vary from rice to Indian breads, and lunch and dinner will include a range of Indian dishes, characterised by rice, vegetables and sauces. You should be prepared for some of the food to be spicy, it being India after all, but you will find that there are tastes to suit all palates.

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In your free time, or after your placement has finished, you may have the opportunity to engage in a number of cultural and adventure activities. Attend Bollywood festivals and theatre performances, explore remote villages and visit magnificent ancient temples, test your nerve as you rock climb high above coffee and tea plantations and spot tigers and monkeys from the back of an elephant as you trek through the jungle.


2 weeks $1,295

Extra week $595


This project begins on the first and third Monday of every month, you will need to arrive on the Sunday ready to begin your project.


2 weeks

This project is available throughout the Christmas period


Before you go

  • Pre-departure support
  • Travel & medical advice & documentation
  • Equipment advice
  • Free Frontier t-shirt


  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Airport pick-up 
  • Ground transfers & in-transit accommodation
  • Local orientation
  • Project training
  • In-country emergency support
  • 24-hour international HQ back-up


Nearest airport(s): Goa (GOI)


  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Insurance

For detailed information on flights, visas and insurance, click here.


Please read our legal statement regarding the running of NGO projects.

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