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Peru Dance Experience

Peru Dance Experience

Journey to Peru, and immerse yourself in the culture of Latin America with one of its most famous heritages: Dance. This experience will have you learning traditional Salsa and Capoeira.

Prices from $895

Staying in the coastal town of Pimentel, in the Chiclayo region of Peru, you will get the chance to fully immerse yourself and embrace in the Latin American dance culture. The program will teach you two very different dance styles: the first being Salsa, the most famous and social Latin American dance and the second being Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art and dance.


  • Staying within walking distance to the beach  
  • Learning traditional and culturally important Latin American dance styles, from a professional teacher
  • Opportunites to immerse yourself in the local culture and environment
  • Plenty of free time to explore and make your own adventure


  • Applicants must be aged 18 or over
  • Proper footwear and clothing for dancing


Location Chiclayo, Peru

Learn traditional Salsa and Capoeira 
Understand Peruvian culture
Experience Peru

Transport Airport pick-up
Accommodation Homestay or shared volunteer house


Before you go Pre-departure support 
Travel advice & documentation
Equipment advice
Discounted medical kit
Free Frontier t-shirt
In-country Airport pick-up & drop-off
Local orientation 
Project training
In-country emergency support
24-hour international HQ back-up


A variety of qualifications are available on many of our projects. For example, BTEC certificates and diplomas on our Group conservation projects and TEFL certificates and BTECs on most of our teaching projects. You may also be able to gain a CoPE to support your university application. For more information on these qualifications, please see the qualifications section of our website or ask your volunteer advisor.


In this project, you will get the chance to fully immerse yourself in the Latin American dance culture. The program will teach you two very different dance style: the first being Salsa, the most famous and social Latin American dance and the second being Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art and dance.



Salsa is one of the most popular dances in Latin America. Couples typically perform this dance together and it centers on quick steps, turns and other flourishes creating an impressive performance. Originated in New York with strong influences from Latin America, the name “Salsa” is used to describe its fiery nature and style since the 70’s. Since then, it soon began to spread and gain popularity on a worldwide level.


A unique Brazilian art form that combines fight, dance, rhythm and movement. It is performed in a circle, accompanied by music and singing. capoeira is known for its quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for a wide variety of kicks and spins. Its exact origins have been lost, but it is believed that it was first created during the 16th century by African slaves who were taken from West Africa into Brazil by Portuguese colonists. Between dancing and games, it was first popularized by street performers.

Monday to Friday

You’ll spend 4 hours learning Salsa and Capoeira under the supervision of a professional teacher. Afterwards, you can enjoy your free time on the gorgeous beach of Pimentel. The day could look like:

  • Breakfast
  • Salsa
  • Lunch
  • Orientation / Free time
  • Salsa
  • Dinner



Arrive at Chiclayo (CIX) Airport between 6am and 8pm on the Sunday and you will be met by local staff and taken to the project site.


Either in the standard residence or in homestay with a local family:

Standard Residence:

The location is close Chiclayo were there are several houses close to the beach and close to the school (walking distance 1-10 minutes), where students and participants can live. Standard is higher than average Peruvian standard, but please consider that Peru is still a third world country. Power outages or internet failures are not unusual.

Each house has space for 8-30 participants. Rooms are spacious and completely furnished with a table, a chair, a dresser/wardrobe, a mirror and a lockable box or drawer to lock in valuables. We provide bed linen. All houses have several shared bathrooms, a shared kitchen equipped with all necessary cooking utensils and a shared fridge. There common are eating areas as well as roof top terraces with hammocks to relax after a long day.

All common facilities are cleaned at least once per week, usually way more often, depending on need. Rooms are to be cleaned by the participants themselves, we provide cleaning equipment.


It is also possible to accommodate in a homestay with a local family, experiencing the Peruvian lifestyle and culture. Especially if you want/need to achieve a high Spanish level, this gives you more chance to practice.

The host families are carefully researched and have experience in offering great service to all our students. They receive you and treat you as a member of their family. All of the host families are conveniently located in quiet and safe areas and have a comfortable, over average standard of living. All host families offer Wifi, some give you access to a washing machine. Some families also offer private bathrooms.

On your first day of work, either your host family will accompany you or a coordinator will pick you up at your house.


All meals are included, even on weekends, and are usually typical Peruvian dishes.

Standard Residence - Monday to Friday all meals are included, served at our school. Saturday and Sunday brunch and dinner is provided. Vegetarian/vegan food options are available.

Homestay - All meals are included, even on weekends.

All the staff were really friendly!  | 9 Mar 2016
The time I spent there was unbelievable! All the staff were really friendly! I felt at home strai...

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Pimentel itself is relatively small and calm, but there are plenty of small restaurants and shops around the area. There are multiple opportunities to experience the Peruvian cluture, lifestyle and environment and to make lots of friends, with activities including salsa or capoeira dancing, sports activities, bbq party and city tours.  There are also numerous short, full day or even weekend trips, for those adventurous travellers! 


1 week $895

2 weeks $1,295

3 weeks $1,745

4 weeks $2,245


The project starts weekly on Mondays. Please aim to arrive on the Sunday prior.

There are no activities on the following days:

Jan 1- New Year

Mar 24- Maundy Thursday

Mar 25- Good Friday

June 29- Saint Peter and St Paul

July 28 - July 29- Independence Day Holiday

Aug 30- Santa Rosa de Lima

Nov 1- All Saints Day

Dec 8- Immaculate Conception Day

Dec 26- Christmas


1 week +


Before you go

  • Pre-departure support
  • Travel advice & documentation
  • Equipment advice
  • Discounted medical kit
  • Free Frontier t-shirt


  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Airport pick-up
  • Local orientation
  • Project training
  • In-country emergency support
  • 24-hour international HQ back-up


Nearest airport(s): Chiclayo (CIX), Cap. FAP José A. Quiñones González Int. Airport (CIX)



Flights are not included in our trip costs. However, we have partnered with an experienced and professional team of travel experts to help our volunteers find the best flight deals for their trips with us. This travel specialist operates in the tailor-made, long haul multi-stop travel market, arranging complex airfares and transfers for independent travellers. They provide expertise, security and a vast product range along with a Travel Butler service which is a single point of contact and support whilst you are overseas.

We recommend that you obtain a quote using the following contact details rather than book online, as our partner will offer you the most competitive fares. To receive your quote or to seek any advice for your flights, please contact our dedicated team of travel experts on 0800 082 9994 (or +44 800 082 9994 outside the UK) or email frontier@flightcentre.co.uk .


For fast, efficient and up-to-date visa advice please contact our recommended visa consultancy partner:

Depending on your destination country and your country of origin, you might require a visa. Please see the appropriate country consular website for details or contact our affiliate visa consultancy service. Please note that your visa will usually start on the date that you enter the destination country regardless of when it was issued. Please check with the relevant embassy or high commission. If you are purchasing your visa or paying entry/exit fees in-country you will probably need to pay in US Dollars. If you have any questions please consult the relevant embassy or high commission. Please check the visa information regularly, as changes often happen without warning.


You'll need to buy appropriate travel insurance covering your participation on the project. You won't be able to go without the right travel insurance so double check to avoid disappointment. Please make sure that you're covered for the whole duration of your trip – from the day you leave the UK to the day you return. It's also best to get your travel insurance at the same time as paying the deposit for your project. Depending on your policy, this will cover you for any unexpected cancellations.

Your insurance should include the following:

  • Medical cover, including medical emergencies and medical evacuations (up to USD$3,000,000 / GBP£2,000,000);
  • Personal liability (up to USD$1,500,000 / GBP£1,000,000);
  • Cancellation and curtailment of your trip (up to the value of your project contribution).

If you are going to be scuba diving you should get coverage for scuba diving up to 30m, including hyperbaric therapy treatment (unlimited). You should consider obtaining insurance to cover you for any additional activities which you plan to do during, before, or after your Frontier project. We recommend that you obtain cover for your baggage and personal effects.

Frontier Partner Projects and Frontier group projects are run in partnership with in-country NGOs, small community based organisations, local research institutes, academic organisations and conservation agencies. Project descriptions and information are supplied directly by our partners or field staff and are accurate at time of publishing.

We aim to keep information up to date and accurate, however, the nature of our projects and in particular the fact that they are constantly evolving and developing in response to changing needs means that project activities, travel schedules, tour itineraries and daily timetables can change overnight and without notice.

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